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Fitness certificates

Practice policy on issuing  Fitness Certificates

For example: travelling abroad, extreme sports, working for charitable  organisations. 
Fitness certificates fall outside a GP's NHS terms and conditions.  This means the doctors do not have the medical indemnity to carry out this type of work.    It is also not covered by the clinical negligence scheme for trusts or general practice.  In summary this means it is classified as a “Private Work”. The Practice would advise that you contact a Private Medical Provider if you are seeking a fitness certificate.

Note: Please be aware that even when the services of a private provider are sought it is still possible that even if a full history is taken from the patient, along with an examination and any necessary investigations, the doctor may still not in a position to guarantee issuing a certificate.  It is a patient’s own responsibility to decide if they are able to complete the activity and ensure medical insurance is in place.  You can seek the opinion of a doctor but this does not indicate an assurance that you covered by the doctor. For the following reason:

Doctors are unable to sign certificates which indicate that the patient will, for example, be fit for the duration of the holiday or to undertake sporting actives, as current fitness is not a guide to future fitness. Doctors can only report on what is written in the patient notes at the time of examination or what has previously been recorded.

If you are unsure if the activity you are undertaking falls into this category please contact the practice manager for further advice.

Certificates relating to illness during exams

There is no statutory requirement for doctors to provide exam certificates.
Private certificates may be provided where the doctor is aware of a medical problem that may have had an adverse effect at the time of the patient's examination.
Occupational health medicals

Occupational health medicals are not carried out by the practice for the following reasons:

• Most employers have their own Independent Provider.
• It is not part of a GP's NHS contract to provide this service, therefore making it a private service.
• There is a conflict of interest for the GP.

NB: Medical reports can be requested by Occupational Health doctors or the patient to assist with the medical, this will be charged by the practice depending on the length of time it takes to complete/complexity of the report, and will not be undertaken without prior agreement of the GP and a payment in advance.

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