Phone lines are open from 8:30 each morning (Mon-Fri) to book a phone consultation with a GP. These are subject to capacity and once full, only emergency calls will be taken. If you need to be seen face to face, you will be.


Minor Ailments

Some minor ailments can be treated by your pharmacist where you can receive quick, expert advice and treatment without the need to see your GP.

Do you have a minor ailment?

  • Oral thrush, vaginal thrush, head lice, cold sores, mouth ulcers, threadworms, athlete's foot, groin itch, diarrhoea, ear wax

Do you need to see a doctor?

No, because you can get advice and treatment if appropriate from a community pharmacist.

Why go to your pharmacist first?

Pharmacists are trained to deal with minor ailments. You will receive quick, expert advice without the need to see your GP. GPs will be able to spend more time focusing on those patients who really need their input.

Can you go to any pharmacy?

Most pharmacies are involved in the service and they will display an arrow and cross sign.

What will the pharmacist ask?

The pharmacist will ask about:

  • your symptoms, other medicines you take, illnesses you have

This will help them make an appropriate recommendation for treatment. In some cases the pharmacist may need to refer you to the GP, but in the majority of cases the pharmacist will be able to treat you.

What should you do if your symptoms persist?

Seek further advice from the pharmacist or your GP.

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